#CoolKidsAreBogus LOOKBOOK

Be Different. Stand Out. Fifth In.

Two is a chaperone, three is a crowd, four is a club, and five, five is a revolution.
Great men in history are headstrong, unapologetic, ambitious, and rebellious – synergic characteristics of a Fifth Code man. Evoking the same heavy and fulsome tone that the likes of Julius Cesar and John F. Kennedy once did, the brand embodies men who inspire the movement of blithe confidence, eccentricity, and cool.
Starting a reform with a stubborn conviction and commanding sense, Fifth Code believes that class is never dismissed. Rolling out of CEO and Founder Lorenz Namalata’s tongue, these words become an omniscient, long-withhold scroll unfolding its imposition to the public. -Russell Namalata

Cool Kids Are Bogus. Fifth Code’s Holiday 2014 collection takes you back to locker lined halls where the Heathers rule and Ducky Dale owns the school. Sounding off that undying teen spirit with plaids, it reworks the classic uniform staple to the way you would have wanted to wear it –shameless and free from care. With its nonchalant ease, its standout pieces get the right amount of attention that turns heads from across the room. From queen bees to band geeks, every one wants in on this clique. -Zoe Laurente

Red Plaid Denim Jacket With Padded Varsity Sleeves Hybrid…. Php 5,500.00
Black Cotton Shirt with Sports Mesh Panels…. Php 1,700.00
Black Denim Sweatpants Hybrid…. Php 3,200.00
Enzo Red Derby with Sports Shoe Outsole Hybrid…. Php 4,500.00

Blue Plaid Baseball Shirt with Detachable Sleeves…. Php 6,500.00
Blue Korean Silk Garterized Pants…. Php 3,500.00
White Oxfords with Blue Outsole…. Php 4, 500.00

Navy Plaid Buttondown with faux leather piping…. Php 4,500.00
Black Korean Silk Garterized Pants…. Php 3,500.00
Black Striker Shoes…. Php4,500.00

Red Plaid Biker Jacket …. Php 8,000.00
Navy Blue Tailored Sweatpants…. Php 3,800.00
White T-shirt…. Php 2,000.00
Midcut Black Suede Shoes…. Php 4,500.00

Red Plaid Biker Jacket …. Php 8,000.00

Black Korean Silk Blazer with leather raglan sleeves…. Php 7,000.00
Red Plaid Double Pleated Trouser Sweatpants Hybrid… Php 3,200.00
Oversized Sweatshirt with Hood ….Php 4,000.00
Black Patent Slip-on Shoes…. Php 4,500.00

Oversized Sweatshirt with Hood ….Php 4,000.00

Bejeweled Sweater Dress …. Php 4,000.00

Chanel Tweed Cropped Husseted Jacket …. Php 5,000.00
Tweed Skirt with Yoke and straight pleats …. Php 3,500.00
White Cropped Shirt with Back Lacing …. Php 1,200.00

Dropped Waist Sweater Dress with hood and Box Pleats Hemline …. Php 4,350.00

*kind of expensive because = Graduation Collection. Haha! But in case you’re interested in purchasing please FB contact fifthcode@gmail.com, check out our instagram: @fifthcode, FB message us at facebook.com/fifthcode and/or use our contact form!

Behind The Scenes of #CoolKidsAreBogus

My last collection for Fifth Code… for now! There’s so much to say and so many people to thank and there’s a lot to post really from Design Surge Runway photos to my actual campaign shoot… uhm, there possibly can’t be enough time to post the flood of images!

For my graduation collection I only had one goal and that was for it to be shot by Cholo Dela Vega. You see, Cholo is immensely talented and he does campaigns flawlessly and I only had him planned to shoot this one! I’m so grateful that he was so game to help me out and we shot this lookbook last March 30 at Scarsdale in SNR Shaw. It’s that new donut place which overs a myriad of food choices! I don’t know how to explain anymore. I don’t how to guide you through this post without you feeling oversaturated with words so let the photos speak for themselves.

As always, it’s really fulfilling when you have something you’ve hold on for so long in your head, all those bottled up ideas executed to perfection. I’m so grateful for everyone who was on board from the very first collection down to this “last” one. If I may I just want to thank:

Lyka Orhel, Esme Palaganas, Roi Marcial, Isa Dee, Daniel Velasco, Lui Suinco, Patty Mendoza, Wency Ang, Aldrich Lim, Pat Nabong, Nikki Ruiz, David Guison, Yuuri Alcala, Tara Alberto, LA Aguinaldo, Lexie Reyes, Iya Forbes, James McDermott, Patrick O’Neill, Anton Neric, Micco Sollano, Toch Barreiro, Shara Lim, Nicholai Go, Mark Dimalanta, Carlos Roberts, Patrick Soriano, George Schulze, Erick Merioles, Gabe Cruz, Tonito De Ocampo, Xavier Stepanek, Betto Orendain, John Padaoan, Rammy Bitong, Denise Chingkiat, Kito Zialcita, Ivan Regner, Carlos Laurel, Marco Estella, Michael Angeles, Celest Lavina, Ralf Lagleva, Jake Ruiz, Addie Manzano, Enzo Manzano, Cheska Mendiola, Niko Del Rosario, Erin Lane, Dan Bradbury, Kevin Redder, Lui Sunico, Jeruel Pingol, Cholo Dela Vega, Vernon Laranang, Tin Albano, Zoe Laurente AND GOD. (haha)

Hope you like everything!!

Design Process

Snake skin is one of S/S 2014 biggest trends and we digital printing is a bitch that’s why it took so long for us to get started on this project. I had to do at least 10-15 samples just to get the print right!

February 14, 2013. Yep, Valentine’s Day. Makes you figure out that yes, I don’t have anything better to do that day but plan something that will materialize a year after! Haha. I’ve always wanted to work with Jake Ruiz, Nikki’s brother, because he is into streetwear and you need someone who comes from that background to provide legitimacy to your work! (Hahah whut) Both him and Nikki, are such passionate artists and I’ve always got their drift in terms of style and standards that’s why it was so easy working with them both! Safe to sat this is not the first of our collaborations!

It goes back and forth, from me to the printing place, just to get the right shade of the snake skin! Talk about tedious!

I’m one of those who obsess when I hear a certain word and every since I came across the word IRREVERENT it just resonated with me.


Trying to figure out which design goes to what. Initially it would have been for my 3rd Anniversary Release and 5 designs could’ve made more impact as opposed to 3 but yeah, time constraints…

This is what I live for! Haha seeing the sketches turn into reality. It’s always amazing to actually have something materialize which was once just a tiny idea in your head!

The campaign I wanted to rally for behind this collection is about being headstrong you know. Just being unapologetic about your goals and wants in life. It’s never easy to be unique because most of the times people would like to pattern you into something you’re never going to fit the mold anyways, so I wish for everybody to be irreverent. Never allow anyone to tell you how it should be. Fuck them. That’s all. Haha


Everytime we have a Fifth Code shoot I always want to top myself from the previous one. I don’t like settling with the idea of for a mediocre shoot just because what’s the point? Hahah. People recognize effort when they see one and that’s just been my goal since day one, to really fully invest myself on any Fifth Code project. So this time around we shot in the good ol’ Enchanted Kingdom. It was quite ambitious on my part but I’m glad everybody was on board!

First Layout! That Rialto section in EK of course provided the best Main Street backdrop making it look like we were in some NY borough. Haha.

This is my 3rd shoot with Nikki for Fifth Code and we’ve been planning, conceptualizing this shoot for as long as I can remember! We were going back and forth with the pegs and all and we were just obsessed with the idea of doing a shoot in the theme park!

Finding Ralf Lagleva (twitter.com/ralfml) to do the video was such a last minute decision but looking back, it would’ve been such a waste if no one documented it! Hire him!!! He is so good. (And friendly, down to earth, etc etc. Hahah)

Literally every spot imaginable in EK we were able to shoot!

Though the crowd gathering and taking photos as well (IKR) made it all a bit harder. Haha but it’s all good!

People would really stop and stare, sometimes talk to us, asking us what this was about, some would even go up to the models and ask for photos…

It was an overall fun shoot and just really lucky all the models were game to do just about anything.

Long ass day of just taking photographs for these sweaters! Which by the way are for sale just in case you’re not focused on the clothes!!!

The day I was demoted into being a PA and was being handed tons of cameras just to take photos of these girls. Hahah fun!

I don’t know where to rank this shoot among all the 9 other shoots I’ve already done for Fifth Code but just to be fair this one was the most visually exciting to shoot. There was so much going on and it proved to be a challenge with a lot of factors to consider (crowd, transpo, food, etc.) but I don’t know I’ve always had fun with doing shoots. Marco, Carlos and Mike made it all easy by just being all around fun, no drama whatsoever. Haha we got there, did what we had to do and poof, easily one of them works we’re all proud of!

Hope you guys like it!



I remember just seeing all these palm printed canvasses just basically waiting to be noticed in this fabric store and I immediately bought a couple of yards with them not even knowing what to do. At first I thought it would be cool to have them as bags and upholstery for furniture but I also had one sample made for a cap just wanting to see how it would look.

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