Canvas Club x Lorenz: LOVE BAG


H: 14.5” / L: 15.5″

thick canvas fabric

adjustable strap

vegan leather handle

zipper closure

inner pockets

bottle holder (can fit up to 3.5″ in diameter)

Every purchase comes with a Canvas Club x Lorenz pouch and a postcard of the print.

Care Instructions

  1. Store in a dry place at room temperature to prevent dirt or bacteria from growing on the bag while not in use.
  2. To spot-clean, use a wet towel with a mild soap/detergent and gently wipe off the dirt on the bag. Do not scrub too fast or too hard as this could ruin the material and cause the stain to spread.
  3. If you need to wash the whole bag, please hand-wash only and use a mild detergent. For products with metal hardware, wash the part with fabric only. Do not bleach.
  4. After washing, do not wring. Air-dry only to keep the bag’s shape.
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15.5 × 14.6 in
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